About Me



Exploring the abstract, the human presence within nature, as well as the inner landscape, Hilde Botten is strongly influenced by her Scandinavian origin and artistic heritage together with a deep love for Australian nature.

Experimental use of colours and composition integrates harmony and tension, light and darkness. Elements of philosophy, spirituality and various art forms are mixed with influences from contemporary culture and personal experiences.

Bachelor of Art from University of Oslo, now based in Sydney.

Artist Statement

Creativity is such a basic expression of who we are and how we experience life. Painting makes me feel alive and able to convey the beauty, joy and harmony of the underlaying principle of Life and the constant unfolding thereof. Much of my work reflects the peace and beauty I feel when in nature.

I like to explore new styles, compositions, the impression of movement and perspective, different colour pallets, and the amazing effect of light. For me it is a challenge to merge different ideas into one harmonious creation and leaving it open ended for the viewers' interpretation and experience of the artwork. Hopefully taking them on their own personal journey.

Hilde Botten 2023.



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